Iran on its Way to Space

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Associated Press Publishes Special Report on Cloning in Iran

The associated press recently published an exclusive interview with head of Royan Research Institute of Isfahan, which covered new grounds broken by the Iranian scientists in various technological fields, especially stems cells, cloning and space technology. The news agency emphasized that Iran will be the first scientific power in West Asia by 2025.

The news agency quoted Mohammad Hossein Nasr-e Esfahani, head of the Royan Research Institute in Isfahan, as saying, "Royana is a successful scientific achievement. We are all proud of it.
He added that the country's first cloned sheep is thriving 15 months after birth, eating well and frolicking among a flock of no6rmal sheep.

“The sheep is the result of many years of efforts in stem cell research,” he said.

Esfahani, an embryologist whose team oversaw Royana's birth and that of its cloned predecessor, said his institute conducted 30 successful stem cell transfers but that only two led to birth.

The first cloned male sheep named Royana was born Sept. 30, 2006 in the historic central city of Isfahan, less than two months after the country's first cloned animal, also a lamb, died within minutes of birth.

Associated Press also added that the effort was part of Iran's quest to become a regional high-tech powerhouse in West Asia by 2025.

The report noted that Tehran has also launched an ambitious space program.

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