Iran is not North Korea

Monday, June 30, 2008

Hassan Hanizadeh

North Korea’s recent decision to destroy a cooling tower at the Yongbyon nuclear plant, which is located 103 kilometers north of Pyongyang, gave the U.S. media a pretext to step up its propaganda campaign against Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities.

Although Pyongyang acknowledged that its nuclear activities have had military applications in the past, Western media outlets are illogically comparing Iran’s nuclear program to North Korea’s.

The demolition of a part of the North Korean nuclear facility, which was a result of the efforts of the West’s anti-Pyongyang lobby, has been in the headlines for the past couple of days.

Even though North Korea destroyed the cooling tower before the eyes of the world, the United States is still expressing concern and has called on Pyongyang to destroy all its nuclear facilities.

Given that North Korea has made this decision to serve its own national interests, the same approach cannot be used for other countries.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to access nuclear technology to meet its need for energy, not to produce nuclear weapons.

Tehran’s nuclear activities are being conducted within the framework of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and its additional protocol and safeguards agreement. In addition, the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed the peaceful nature of Iran’s program during its numerous inspections of the country’s nuclear facilities.

Iran and North Korea are very different from the geopolitical standpoint.

North Korea can follow South Korea’s model and can adopt the policies necessary to reduce foreign pressure.

Meanwhile, the media of the United States and the other 5+1 group countries (Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China) will find they have made a big mistake if they try to use the North Korean prescription for Iran.

The Islamic Republic is a signatory to the NPT but North Korea withdrew from the treaty in 2003 and did not allow IAEA inspectors to visit its nuclear facilities from 2002 to 2007.

On the other hand, the UN nuclear watchdog has conducted over 4000 man-hours of inspections of Iranian nuclear installations over the past five years.

Pyongyang had a clandestine nuclear program, unlike Iran, which never conducted such activities and has even allowed foreign reporters to make videos of its nuclear facilities and report on its nuclear program.

Western media outlets have intensified their propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic, although Tehran has repeatedly stated that it will never bow to the pressure to relinquish its inalienable right to access civilian nuclear energy.

Unfortunately, the Western media, which are being fed information by the think tanks of the Zionist lobby, are conducting a psychological operation against Iran but turning a blind eye to the threat posed by the Zionist regime’s nuclear arsenal.

The Zionist regime, which has a stockpile of 250 nuclear warheads, is threatening the Middle East’s security, but the Western media and the IAEA are ignoring this fact.

Iran will not fall into the trap that is being set. Iranian officials are carefully monitoring the West’s new propaganda campaign, which intends to draw a comparison between Iran and North Korea, and believe it is part of a new plot to increase pressure on Iran and undermine its national interests.


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