Iran goes on with IAEA talks

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Mahdi Mostafavi says Tehran would continue nuclear talks with the IAEA until reaching definite results.

He said that Iran was not after buying time in its negotiations with the agency but the talks should be given the required time in order to reach desirable results.

The Iranian official added Tehran has set no time limit for the negotiations, adding that the settlement of outstanding issues depends on progress in the Iran-IAEA negotiations. "Iran and the Agency should maintain nuclear talks within a reasonable timing to reach a final agreement on the issue."

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister criticized the West for its "politically motivated" moves and added some western countries are insisting that Iran's dossier remain in the UN Security Council.

He warned that hauling Iran's case before the UN Security Council was a wrong move and political considerations could hinder legal and technical approaches toward the issue.