Iran Wins European Parliament’s Energy Conservation Prize

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Iran’s Khorasan Petrochemical Complex has won the European Parliament’s Energy Globe Award for energy saving and conservation.

Asadollah Rastegarpour, chairman of board of directors and managing director of Khorasan Petrochemical Complex, announced that the Energy Globe institute assesses various forms of energy consumption in soil, water, air and other resources on an annual basis.

He added that if plans proposed by countries are recognized to be effective, they will be granted European Parliament’s special award.

The official noted that Khorasan Petrochemical Complex has presented many plans for conservation of energy and has realized energy consumption standards for the first time in Iran.

Rastegarpour stated that a refrigeration system for urea granulation tower was among the projects proposed by Khorasan Petrochemical Complex.

He said the prize indicates that the complex has been successful in realizing energy conservation standards which is the result of continuous efforts by management and personnel of Khorasan Petrochemical Complex and constant support of the National Petrochemical Company.

Managing director of Khorasan Petrochemical Complex who received the award in Brussels noted that energy conservation is among major concerns of modern times and is a focus of attention for international organizations.

“Energy resources will be depleted. Therefore, we must pay due attention to energy conservation and consumption optimization,” he said.

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