Iran Ranks First in Nanotechnology among Muslim Nations

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Islamic Republic of Iran ranks first in terms of producing nanotechnology among regional and Muslim countries.

Ali Reza Jahangirian announced that Iran ranks the 26th among 150 countries in terms of producing nanotechnology and its ranking has improved compared to last year.

Deputy minister of science, research and technology also announced that Iran ranks the 37th in terms of general scientific indexes and 25th in terms of presenting scientific papers with the share of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology standing at about 90 percent.

The official noted that information technology courses have been launched at 10 universities and 75 ICT centers are active in the country, adding, “Some 250 institutes are active in the field of ICT across the country and one of them was recently chosen among the top three Asian institutes.”

“We have good technological cooperation with 13 countries including Belarus and Syria and we are planning to further expand those relations,” he said.

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