Iran Ranks First in ME in Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Head of Iranian Urology Association announced that Iran ranks the first in the region in terms of urological operations, especially removal of kidney using laparoscopy.

Dr. Seyed Jalil Hosseini added that urological operations carried out in Iran have no parallel in other countries around the Persian Gulf.

He noted that standards of urological operations in Iran are higher than other Middle Eastern countries.

Dr. Hosseini stated that the Iranian Urology Association has been chosen by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as top association out of 141 associations which are active in various medical and industrial fields.

He noted that out of associations studied by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Iranian Urology Association has been recognized as being superior to others.

Head of the Iranian Urology Association noted that the association has been chosen due to its scientific and social activities, adding, “During the past years, a number of papers have been published by the Iranian urologists in a number of creditable urological magazines of the world. In some instances, pictures of Iranian urologists have been printed on the cover of those magazines and some top papers have been awarded cash prizes in dollars."

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