Iran Ranks 1st in Nanotechnology Patents among Islamic States

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Iran has ranked first in the scientific-research process of nanotechnology among the Islamic states.

Director of nanotechnology workgroup at the president’s office, explaining about IRI’s scientific status, said Iran is also ranked 22nd in the world for the number of nanotechnology patents registered in EPO.

Referring to the success of an Iranian company in the field of nanotechnology, Mohammad Ali Bahraini further noted that it is the first company capable of producing the highest quality nano product in the world which is a type of filter.

He said the filter which fully prevents growth of fungus and bacteria in open air and in objects, is applicable in agriculture, construction, clothing, auto and polymer industries, feedstock breeding and in preventing hospital infections.

NanoPack is the science of producing items from small particles with anti-fungus and anti-bacteria quality. It is applied in various natural and industrial production processes to counter destruction of the living environment.

Noting that almost two years have passed since the start of the executive plan on development strategy of nanotechnology in Iran, Bahraini said the plan is being carried out with an aim to produce wealth and improve the quality of the people’s lives in four sections, namely quality control; education; public training on technology; and production of industry.

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