Iran Becomes World’s 11th Producer of Carbon Fibers

Monday, May 26, 2008

Iranian researchers at Advanced Fibers Research and Development Center have achieved and localized the technical know-how for production of T 300 carbon fibers. The development will make Iran the world’s 11th country and the first in Middle East to achieve the technology.

Mohammad Maqam, head of the research team, has noted that carbon fibers are among the most important fibers which are very strong (between 7-10 times of construction steel dependent on fiber grade), of low density (about two-thirds of aluminum), good electrical conductors, ability to be woven into fabric, usable for production of light and strong composites and heat resistant.

He noted that due to the said characteristics, those fibers are among advanced engineering materials, adding, “Raw material used for production of carbon fibers are special acrylic fibers (made with the goal of becoming carbon fibers) which are produced according to advanced technologies using special equipment.

The researcher noted that Advanced Fibers Research and Development Center has been successful, for the first time, to produce T 300 carbon fibers which are highest in demand in the world, using commercial acrylic fibers.

Maqam also stated that while the technology for producing carbon fibers from acrylic substance are monopolized by a few advanced countries, the strength of fibers produced in this process is higher than similar fibers, so that, no successful industrial activity using commercial acrylic fibers in this scale has ever been recorded in the world.

He added that Iran is the 11th country in the world and the first in the Middle East to master the technology used for producing carbon fibers and due to their many applications in different industries, they play an strategic role in development of research and production of other important products.

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