Iran Becomes 5th Country to Produce Long-Range Field Glasses

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iran has become the fifth country after the United States, Russia, France, and China to master technical know-how for manufacturing long-range field glasses which are used in flying systems, to assess situation of ships, in natural disasters and in other industries. The other manufacturing countries had tried to prevent the technology for producing these glasses to be transferred to Iran.

Mohsen Kargar noted that the glasses use a gyroscopic system which will allow measurement and photographing targets in spite of movements of planes and helicopters.

He added that the new binoculars can rotate 360 degrees, be mounted on special tripods matching the type of the aircraft, receive serial or radio commands, operate on special engines with high precision, and measures distances.

Kargar noted that the new system uses both ordinary and infrared glasses which enable it to be used for photographing movies, and to create special effects. “The user will also be able to use infrared binoculars for special purposes.”

Kargar said the field glasses can be mounted on aircraft and docks in order to evaluate the situation of ships at sea.

He further stated that the new system has paved the way for non-destructive tests, adding, “Long-range field glasses enable us to view power transmission lines for possible erosions and damages. Thus, we would be able to detect any possible damage in early stages and issue necessary warnings.”

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