Iran, 1st in Presentation of Articles at International Oil Congress

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Presenting 270 articles to 19th International Oil Congress, Islamic Republic of Iran ranked first among 60 participating world countries.

Manager of Iran's booth at the Congress Exhibition, Ali Emadi, announcing the news added that, "The Islamic Republic of Iran had also ranked first in presentation of scientific articles at previous International Oil Congress, which convenes once every three years, presenting 150 articles."

The 75-year-old 19th International Oil Congress was opened by Spain's King Juan Carlos at Madrid's Permanent Fairs Ground.

Over 5,000 top researchers from 60 oil producing and consuming countries participate at the five day congress.

Islamic Republic of Iran's Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nowzari, atop a delegation of Iranian oil experts attends the event among other international dignitaries.

Emadi stressed Iran's strong presence at the congress, reiterating, "Heads, or deputy heads of three technical and scientific committees of this congress are Iranian personalities this year."

He added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran during the first day of the 19th International Oil Congress became a member of its CPC Committee, that has only 15 members.

According to the Iranian Oil Minister, two of the medal winners at country's scientific olympiads, too, are attending the 19th Oil Congress in Madrid this year, which proves Iran's grassroot presence at the event.

He reiterated, "Winning one of the event's top four awards by Gholam-Reza Bahman-Nia for his innovative project Taking Advantage of Solar Dew in Refining Waste Waters of Industries and Refineries was another eye catching achievements of the Iranian participants this year."

King Juan Carlos personally awarded the four top contributors to the international event, including Bahman-Nia during the opening ceremony of the 19th International Oil Congress.

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