Iran urges regional nations to exercise restraint to address tensions

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


'As I said before, the Riyadh meeting by having a faulty architecture and taking place at an inappropriate time, could have bode for severe consequences across the region regarding the interference by others,' Qasemi said during his weekly press conference on Monday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the countries in the region, regarding the present situation and challenges faced by them, could embark on taking a positive approach and sit at the negotiation table to settle tensions and do something to further promote stability in the region,” Qasemi said.

US President Donald Trump recently visited Saudi Arabia to meet with heads from the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh.

In a Twitter message he had said that his visit of the region was going to secure Americans “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

A 110-billion dollar arms sale pact was signed during his visit to the kingdom.


*Source: IRNA