Iran's N-Agreement Resulted in a Win-Win Outcome

Thursday, May 5, 2016

President Hassan Rouhani has praised Iran's nuclear agreement with the P5+1 countries, saying it had resulted in a win-win outcome, and ended up benefiting as many as 188 countries.

“In our region, there are one or two countries that feel losses from the JCPOA outcome,” Rouhani said.

“Surely, that’s the way the world works. One-hundred-and-eighty-eight countries benefit from the JCPOA and two countries may lose. That is the world,” he said.

Rouhani, "Certain regional countries are angry about the results and achievements of the JCPOA and are after sabotage in the way of its implementation."

"The great Iranian nation which has covered this path to the final goal will continue on the remaining track with force," he added.

The president touched on a host of visits by foreign heads of states and officials to Iran following the agreement.

“Today, foreign companies and officials traveling to Iran assert that banking channels have been opened to the country. This shows that the negotiations have benefited both sides.”

Rouhani said Iran made "big achievements" out of "very complicated and historically important negotiations" with world powers.

"Normally, one side makes gains and another losses in negotiations. But these negotiations were a win for us, the region and the world," he added.

The president assured that any "infrastructural work" by foreign companies would benefit both them and Iran.

Rouhani said foreign participation and capital flow would enable Iran to complete projects within four or five years instead of some 40 years which they took before "and this has huge significance.”

Iran’s President also named the US and Zionism as the main forces behind terror and insecurity gnawing away at the Middle East.

“Who brought terror and insecurity to this region?” he asked

“Who set up a usurper regime (Israel) in this region around 70 years go? Is not a good deal of the insecurity, assassinations and wars in our region rooted in the regime occupying al-Quds?” he further asked.

The Iranian president also referred to the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, saying "Zionists and Americans are responsible for all these crimes."

He also condemned centuries-long Islamophobic efforts by Western Islamophobes, on the one hand, and “ignorant friends" or “dependent mercenaries,” on the other hand, adding, “Both [groups] have endangered Islam’s reputation and status like the blades of a pair of scissors.”

The Iranian chief executive also asserted that the Islamic Republic would not remain silent over Saudi Arabia's bloodletting and destruction in its impoverished southern neighbor.

“How can we remain silent while Yemeni people are savagely bombed everyday by those who call themselves the custodians of the Grand Mosque of Mecca?” he said.

*Photo Credit: Press TV

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