Iran's Foreign Minister Regional Visits

Friday, July 24, 2015

Abdolreza Ghofrani
Former Senior Diplomat and International Analyst

One week after the nuclear deal did strike between Iran and the five plus one, Iran's Foreign Minister Dr. Javad Zarif's visit to a number of regional countries did begin in Kuwait on Sunday 26th July 2015. He has also visited Qatar and then neighborly Iraq. Certainly these kinds of visits between the high ranking officials of the countries of sensitive region of Persian Gulf is pretty ordinary and natural aiming at the development of the mutual and multilateral ties between these states as well as the stability and peace of the region is quite unavoidable and even essential. Dr. Zarif's visit, however in these circumstances needs to be envisioned from some perspectives.

This visit clearly indicates Iran's good will to all her neighborly countries of the region. Iran is the biggest and powerful country in the Persian Gulf and admittedly attaches far too importance to the stability and security of this region. Moreover, Zarif's visit did take place just one week after the historical nuclear deal between Iran and five plus one. The said deal has been a win-win diplomatic game. Being deeply aware of this fact, Iran by sending her top diplomat to some of countries of the Persian Gulf proves that, in spite of unconstructive hue and cry from certain circles, calls for friendship and good relations and eventually mutually cooperation of all countries in this area and is willing to clinch the hands of her friends in this region. For, Iran is quite aware and having a strong conviction that in these circumstances, everybody need to lay the grounds for growth and mutual economic, social, cultural and political and naturally security cooperation for all countries of the region. Undoubtedly, Iran will benefit most of the new conditions providing by these cooperation.

All countries of the region, being either big or small, need not to lose sight of the fact that Iran has always called for the territorial integrity, independence, sovereignty of all these countries. Since those countries having none of these features will not definitely benefit Iran. Iran has no interests, whatsoever, to witness chaos, crisis and insecurity in any country of the region.

Over the past centuries Iran has never ever had expansionist ambitions. She has proved this not only in words but actually in deeds. Although, it has been invaded by others and suffered great human and economic losses, it has had no desire to invade others' territories occupying them.

Now with nuclear deal and eventually good understanding Iran has with global society that will further develop over the years to come, this country reciprocally expects other friendly and brotherly countries to clinch the hands of Islamic Republic of Iran amicably extended to them with mutual and good will. Since the countries of the Persian Gulf should be confident that the good relations and friendship with this regional power, having good will to them, is invaluable.

Hopefully, Dr. Zarif's visit to some countries of the Persian Gulf will open a new good chapter in the mutual relations between Iran and those countries, paving the way for more understanding, negotiations and settling the dispute that definitely are unnecessary; and those disputes be solved on negotiation table and through diplomatic channels and we witness more mutual visits by high ranking officials of Iran and the countries of the region over the months and years to come.

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