Iran's 11th Presidential Election (No. 17): Election Campaign in Pictures

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Iran Review Research Team

Election Campaign in Pictures

In recent days, supporters of Iranian presidential candidates have been taking to the streets to campaign for their favorite candidate. 

Supporters of Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf

"Please record my voice! After I become president, people are not going to hear me saying that “they don’t let me work. They make daily efforts to stall me!” I have no right to say that the Constitution lacks enough capacities for work. I do not have the right to abide by only those parts of the Constitution that I like. [I have no right to] follow up on those articles of the Constitution which are about government’s demands from people and just pass over those parts which are about the nation’s rights; or to forget about such important articles as articles 15 and 19 of the Constitution. One of the nation’s rights is that nobody has the right to disgrace a sentenced convict. Protecting the dignity of a sentenced convict should be emphasized in these cases. However, our society is currently witnessing a lot of bad temper and mudslinging, not only against a sentenced convict, but also against many of the ordinary people and officials."

Supporters of Saeed Jalili

"Explicit remarks made by the American think tanks and US officials denote that Iran is a regional power and no regional issue can be solved in the absence of Iran. Nobody can deny that Iran is having its way with many international and regional issues. The Islamic Republic has created a capacity which enables it to challenge the big powers. It sits at the negotiating table with six powerful states and negotiates and, at the end, it is those six powers which retreat [from their positions]."

Supporters of Mohsen Rezaei

"The Americans have imposed sanctions on us, on the one hand, while withholding us the time we need, on the other hand. Therefore, we must change this trend. As a result, I will take negotiations [with the P5+1 group of world powers] quite seriously and I will assign a very powerful team of experts consisting of the most seasoned Iranian diplomats to this mission and, God willing, we will resolve the country’s nuclear issue in this way."

Supporters of Ali Akbar Velayati

"If the next administration opts for interaction with the world, instead of obstinately challenging the world, an important part of the country’s domestic problems will be solved because in today’s world, no country can remain isolated from the rest of the globe and even the United States cannot continue its progressive growth without interaction with the world."

Supporters of Hassan Rouhani

"Unfortunately, the country is not faring well in terms of foreign relations and any administration coming to office in future should focus an important part of its efforts on restructuring of those relations. As a first step, we must reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary tensions in relations with big powers as well as certain regional powers. The foremost foreign policy priority of my administration will be protection and safeguard of national interests by building confidence and reducing tension with the outside world."

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