Iran's 11th Presidential Election (No. 10): Viewpoints of Saeed Jalili

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Iran Review Research Team

Election fever heats up as Iran’s presidential candidates deliver televised speech.

Review of Saeed Jalili, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, viewpoints as declared in his televised interviews:

1. There are certain opportunities and threats in the economic sphere. The country was facing certain threats in the economic sphere; those threats were both from within and without. If those threats had been taken advantage of properly as opportunities, and if we had made good plans for the opportunities in order to manage them, especially in the executive areas, then those threats would have been dispelled automatically.

2. We are importing 11 billion dollars worth of rice, sugar, oilseeds, cooking oil, and so forth. There are certain areas within those 11 billion dollars of imports which are apt for domestic investment because most of those products can be produced inside the country. If we could manage this issue through good planning, sanctions in the field of economy could be easily foiled, like what we did to thwart gasoline sanctions. In the meantime, we would be able to create jobs in the country as well.

3. If economic structure of the country was healthy, corruption cases such as the embezzlement of 2.8 billion dollars would not have taken place in the country. If we could materialize and revive the religious thought, it would bring the country back to life. Today, after the lapse of 34 years [since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran] this issue is [a proven] experience in the country. The more we paid attention to this issue [revival of religious thought], the more successful we were, and the more we distanced from it, the more were the problems which plagued us.

4. Explicit remarks made by the American think tanks and US officials denote that Iran is a regional power and no regional issue can be solved in the absence of Iran. Nobody can deny that Iran is having its way with many international and regional issues. The Islamic Republic has created a capacity which enables it to challenge the big powers. It sits at the negotiating table with six powerful states and negotiates and, at the end, it is those six powers which retreat [from their positions].

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