Iran dealing with harshest era of sanctions: Rouhani

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

President Hassan Rouhani says the country is passing through the harshest era dealing with the US sanctions, expressing gratitude to the nation for making headway to advance national manufacturing sector despite the economic difficulties.

“Everything is transient; the government, the state, and power are short-term and not eternal. What is eternal is serving this great people who have displayed their bravery time and time again in hard days,” in the ceremony to open an important subway station in suburbs of Tehran on Tuesday.

"Despite the toughest sanctions on the country, people have stood steadfast against the enemies and ill-wishers.”

Noting that Iran has passed through numerous hard times in different eras, such as those during the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and Iraq's eight-year war against Iran, he said, “What we have gained [so far] is the result of people’s self-sacrifice, dedication and faith.”

“With each day passing, our competent workers, engineers and managers bring a new gift to the people, or deliver a new service to them heralding bright prospects and happiness.”



Source: mehrnews