Iran Urges US to Stop Meddling in Iran’s Relations with Other States

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called on Washington to stop meddling in Iran’s relations with other countries ahead of a meeting with his US counterpart.

Zarif is expected to meet John Kerry in New York before the US secretary of state flies to Saudi Arabia to join President Barack Obama at a summit with Persian Gulf Arab leaders.

The meeting follows complaints from top Iranian officials that the US is not fulfilling its part of a nuclear agreement reached in July. 

Zarif said that he would urge Washington to “seriously” live up to its side of the deal and stop interfering in Iran’s banking and financial ties with other states.

Zarif said the visit is "a good opportunity to prevent groups hostile to Iran from implementing their Iranophobic projects" after the nuclear deal.

“It is time to rebuild trust with the institutions which suffered losses from their links with Iran in the past. They have to be given assurances that they will not suffer from such links in the future." 

The minister said there is no hurdle on the way of healthy economic ties between Iran and the US but Tehran does not have plans to forge such relations for now. 

Zarif said he would ask the United States to ease restrictions on non-American banks doing business with the Islamic Republic.

“Iran will definitely put pressure on the United States to pave the way for the cooperation of non-American banks with Iran,” he said.

“The other party, particularly the United States, is required to implement its commitments in banking cooperation,” he said.

Following the three-hour meeting, Zarif told reports that the talks had mostly focused on properly implementing the nuclear agreement so that “all parties especially the people of Iran reap the benefits which are rightfully theirs.”

He noted that talks with the US secretary of state on the correct implementation of the deal would continue on Friday.

*Photo Credit: Press TV

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