Iran Files Lawsuit against US at International Court of Justice

Friday, June 17, 2016

Iran has filed a lawsuit against the United States at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) demanding compensation over the seizure of USD 2 billion worth of the country's assets by a top American court.

President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran had filed the lawsuit with the ICJ, vowing that his administration will pursue the case to its end.

On April 20, the US Supreme Court ruled that about USD 2 billion in frozen Iranian assets must be turned over to American families of people killed in the 1983 bombing of a US Marine Corps barracks in the Lebanese capital of Beirut and other attacks blamed on Iran.

Rouhani called the verdict by the American court as illegitimate, saying that the case of American nationals killed in Lebanon has nothing to do with Iran.

“It is not clear what the Americans were doing in Lebanon and how is the case related to Iran,” Rouhani said, vowing that Iran will never keep silent on the issue and that legal action will continue until the sum and all related compensations are retrieved.

The Iranian President has also defended Tehran’s support for neighbors such as Iraq, saying the assistance will continue.

“We, as a neighboring country, will continue assisting those nations and governments, which have called for our help,” Rouhani said.

The Iranian president expressed hope that Iraq could soon regain stability and security as the fight against the Takfiri Daesh terrorists continues.

"We hope that the Iraqi nation would push the terrorists out of their country, and for Syria, as well, we hope that the people of that country would see days of higher security and stability not only in the month of Ramadan but also the rest of the year."

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani slammed terrorist activities in the region, censuring international organizations including the United Nations for their declining influence in settling global issues.

“When the UN secretary general and the UN itself budge in the face of pressure and financial threats from a country to remove the name of that country from the list of countries killing children, it shows that international organizations no longer have even the flawed position they used to have in the past,” Rouhani said, referring to a recent statement by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who admitted that he removed Saudi Arabia from a blacklist of child killers in Yemen only 72 hours after the list was published.

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*Photo Credit: ISNA

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