Iran Supports Stability, Independence of Latin American Countries

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Islamic Republic has always supported the stability and independence of Latin American countries, says Iran’s foreign minister.

“Iran is proud of its cooperation with friendly countries in Latin America, and will continue its cooperation and companionship with them,” said Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Zarif stressed that the common grounds for further cooperation between the two sides would be based on mutual respect for the two nations' independence, and non-interference in the internal affairs of the two countries.

He also noted that Tehran would never forget its friends that stood by its side during the time of sanctions against Iran over its peaceful use of nuclear technology.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also said Iran and Cuba have proven that the United States has failed to advance its agendas by exerting pressure on the two countries.

Zarif added that Iran and Cuba proved that they can overcome sanctions through resistance.

“The Iranian nation proved that sanctions imposed by big powers cannot distance it  from its policies and viewpoints,” he said.

“The resistance of the Iranian and Cuban nations has left the hegemonic countries no other choice but compromise and renunciation of their hostile policies even in their words,” Zarif said.

He added that Iran has always stood by the Cuban nation in countering sanctions and hailed Havana's support for the Iranian people in the face of brutal US-led bans.

He added that steadfastness of the Iranian and Cuban people is a “valuable asset” to improve cooperation between the two countries’ state and private sectors.

The top Iranian diplomat said Tehran and Havana can boost cooperation on the international scene, adding, “The two countries have always had common stances on confronting the use of economic force and pressure as well as meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.”

“Iran and Cuba enjoy broad interaction on political and international scenes and their cooperation must be improved in the economic sector,” Zarif said.

He expressed hope that Iran and Cuba, as two influential members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), would through their cooperation “succeed in further advancing the objectives” of the body.

He noted that the high-ranking politico-economic delegation accompanying him in his six-nation tour of Latin America indicates that the “Islamic Republic attaches great importance to its deep and strong ties with Cuba and the Latin American countries.”

He said Tehran and Havana can boost cooperation, adding that this would be beneficial to Latin American countries.

Mohammad Javad Zarif also said the country greatly values its relationship with Latin American nations, including Nicaragua, where he visited on the second leg of a tour of the central and southern Americas.

Zarif said the large politico-economic delegation accompanying him on the trip testifies to the significance that Iran attaches to ties with Nicaragua and other Latin American countries.

Zarif said, “Cooperation between Iran and Nicaragua can include collaboration in the construction of the Grand Interoceanic Canal to the areas of agriculture, energy production, petrochemistry, banking, credit, transportation, food and pharmaceutical industries, and science and technology.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister also said the Islamic Republic is keen to strengthen politico-economic relations with Chile.

“Simultaneous with the expansion of political relations, we are also interested in bolstering economic ties with Chile,” Zarif said.

He added that a large economic delegation is accompanying him to discuss ways to improve economic cooperation with the South American country.

*Photo Credit: Press TV

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