Iran Categorically Condemns US Attack on Syria

Friday, April 7, 2017

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, as the biggest victim of chemical weapons in the contemporary history, condemns all uses of chemical weapons regardless of their users or victims, and at the same time, considers any unilateral measure with this excuse as dangerous, destructive, and violating of the imperative principles of the international law,” said Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesperson of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in reaction to US missile attack onc an air base in Syria.

The Iranian diplomat reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns any unilateral military measure and described the US missile attack on Shayrat air base in Syria as helpful to terrorists.

“We believe that the American missile attack on Shayrat air base in Syria launched from US warships, with the excuse of the mysterious chemical attack on Khan Shaykhun, Idlib, whose time, executers, and beneficiaries are shrouded in mystery, strengthens the near-to-death terrorists and complicates the situation in Syria and the whole region,” asserted the spokesman of Iran’s foreign ministry.


*Source: Mehrnews


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