Iran’s Latest Industrial and Military Achievements

Sunday, September 5, 2010

During the past month, Iranian scientists have broken new grounds in nuclear energy as well as defense and security industries, thus, flaunting perseverance and diligence of Iranians at the rest of the world.

On the occasion of the “Government Week” Tabnak news website has prepared the following report on those achievements:

Active ImageSuccessful test of Qiyam 1 missile system

Qiyam 1 missile system was successfully tested on August 20 introducing a totally new class of Iranian missiles enjoying new technical features and unique tactical power.

Absence of fins is a feature of the new missile which is shared with few other missile types and increases its tactical power because Qiyam 1 is a surface to surface missile.
The smart system guiding the missile is another characteristic which will increase accuracy of missile delivery and reduce chances for other missiles to hit it.

Fuel transfer into reactor of Bushehr atomic power plant

Active ImageAfter delivery of nuclear fuel into Bushehr atomic power plant’s reactor on August 21, the “core” of the plant became really “atomic.”

Transfer of the nuclear fuel into the reactor was done on Saturday, August 21, in a ceremony attended by head of Iran Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Grinkov, as well as head of the Russian Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation.

The ceremony was also attended by Vladimir Kotin, the official in charge of Russia’s safety system, and inspectors from International Atomic Energy Agency, in which the first of 163 fuel complexes was introduced into the core of Bushehr reactor.

The fuel transfer indicated that all tests on the main systems and equipment of the power plant have been successful in the preceding year.

Successful test of Karrar unmanned plane

Active ImageKarrar is the name of an uncrewed Iranian jet plane which was successfully launched on August 22. Its many capabilities include wide operational range. Another feature is the higher altitude to which this jet-propelled unmanned plane can fly.

According to the Iranian Minister of Defense, such aerial vehicles can not only record and transmit pictures, but are also able to engage in various kinds of operations.

New production line for Seraj speedboats and new generation of Zolfaqar gunboat

A new production line for Seraj speedboats and new generation of Zolfaqar missile was made operational on August 23, 2010. Seraj 1 is a fast, offensive rocket launching boat suitable for tropical climate.

The boat has been designed according to state of the art technology. Seraj speedboats boast high speed and maneuvering power, has a body of fiberglass, and take advantage of locally made electronic, telecommunications and navigation systems.

Active ImageAs put by experts, the cabin has been designed in such a way as to minimize noise when the boat speed rises and to reduce rocking to almost zero in story air.

Zolfaqar is a gunboat to be used by the Iranian coast guard and has been designed to be fit for surprise attacks on the enemy vessels. It uses rockets and heavy guns.

High efficiency and speed as well as high maneuvering and navigational capabilities characterize the new generation of Zolfaqar gunboat. The body has been designed according to the latest international standards and the boat takes advantage of the latest locally manufactured telecommunication, navigation, and electronic equipment.

Military experts maintain that mass production of Seraj 1 and new generation of Zolfaqar gunboats will greatly increase defensive power and speed of the Iranian Navy.

Successful launch of 3rd generation of Fateh 110 missile

The third generation of Fateh 110 missile was successfully launched on August 25, 2010.

Active ImageHighly accurate control system enables the missile to pinpoint and hit its targets.

Experts maintain that the new generation of Fateh 110 missiles excels its predecessors in terms of range and accuracy.

The third generation of Fateh 110 missile has been designed and produced by aerospace specialists of the Iranian Ministry of Defense and is one of a kind as no other existing missile has been used as model.

Increased range, higher accuracy, and less time needed to prepare and launch the missile in addition to easy warehousing under various climates are major features of the new missile.

The new missile will greatly increase missile capabilities of the Iranian armed forces.
Fateh 110 is another proof to Iran’s scientific and defensive breakthroughs proving futility of international sanctions against the country.

Inauguration of the longest-range artillery munitions similar to ballistic missiles

On August 29 and the sixth day of the Government Week, a new production line for advanced “base bleed” 130 mm rockets (HERA) was launched in a ceremony attended by Minister of Defense and Logistics of the Armed Forces as the longest range Iranian artillery.

Active ImageLong-range, 130 mm artillery with a final range of 42 km will be used to destroy enemy fortifications at long distance.

Such munitions act like ballistic missiles and run on solid fuel.

To increase firing range of such munitions from 27 km to 42 km, experienced engineers of Ministry of Defense have used base bleed munitions.

Experts maintain that mass production of new munitions and its use by the Iranian Army’s artillery units will greatly increase their operational capabilities.

Another important outcome of this development is self-sufficiency of Iran in producing artillery munitions and rendering enemy’s sanctions ineffective.

Source: Tabnak News Website
Translated By: Iran Review

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