International Congress on Mowlavi's Birthday

Thursday, November 1, 2007

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has attended the opening of the International Congress on the 800th Anniversary of Mowlavi's Birthday.

The international congress, which is being held in the compounds of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, is part of a series of events on Mowlavi that started on October 2. The commemoration of the world-famous mystic poet features a variety of programs that will run until November 1, ending in the northwestern Iranian city of Khoy.

“Wisdom and Philosophy”, “Rumi and the Contemporary World”, “Mysticism and Religion”, “Art and Aesthetics” and “Language and Literature” are among the topics on the agenda for the two-day congress.

Scholars from many countries including Germany, Canada, India, Japan, Russia, and France are taking part in the event.

Chinese scholar Mu-hong Yan is slated to deliver lectures on the theme of pacifism as depicted in Rumi’s masterpiece, the Masnavi.

The son of Pakistani poet and philosopher Muhammad Iqbal Lahori, Javid Iqbal, will also be speaking during the program.

Five Iranian and three foreign Rumi experts are scheduled to be honored during the congress’s final session.

Tabriz will be hosting the congress on Tuesday and Wednesday before it culminates in the city of Khoy on Thursday.

In addition, Tehran has held other ceremonies in commemoration of Rumi.

The United Nations and Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center held a ceremony named “A Night with Molana Rumi” on Saturday.

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