Inefficiency of International System in Gaza Catastrophe

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dr. Hassan Alaei

Undoubtedly, the massive bombing and the full-fledged war of the Israeli army against the people of Palestine in Gaza Strip is among the harshest and heaviest attacks of the Zionist regime over the 60 years since its occupation of the Palestinian lands as well as 38 years of its military presence in Gaza Strip.

This big offensive which began on December 27 and in early winter has turned into one of the most tragic human catastrophe in the Palestinian lands over more than two weeks of nonstop bombings and launching a major ground attack.

Over the past 60 years, Israel has time and again launched military operations against the people of Palestine in various parts of their land massacring a large number of people and causing numerous catastrophes in various dimensions. The Israeli massacre of defenseless people in Sabra, Chatila, Qana and Deir Yasin will never be erased from human memory. But this time, the Zionist regime has further exposed its malignity and filthy nature to the world people. During Israel’s daily and nightly attacks on Gaza many family members have been brutally killed and hundreds of women and children have lost their lives under the fire of tanks, rockets fired by army helicopters and bombs dropped by warplanes.

Just within the past 16 days, 820 people have been martyred within the 350 km expanse of Gaza Strip, and 3500 others, half of them women and children have been injured. The recent crimes committed by the Zionists have hurt the sentiments and feelings of all human societies and irritated them. People in most of the world countries have voiced their strong protests against the Israeli regime and in sympathy with the people of Palestine by holding massive demonstrations.

The blatant oppression and countless crimes against the besieged Palestinians these days have sparked the wrath and agony of all humans even those with the least emotions. Nevertheless, we see no appropriate response from the international community and the system ruling over the world nations vis-à-vis this human tragedy and deliberate tyranny. The United Nations Security Council has only issued a weak resolution which is mostly in favor of Tel Aviv and interestingly enough the Zionist regime has rejected the resolution and continues its ceaseless massacre of the Palestinian people.

All the nations now feel that the UN Security Council is only a tool being used in support of the Zionists. The US and veto power holders at the Security Council were waiting for Israel to declare that its military operations in Gaza had reached their aim so that the Council as the political arm of the Zionists would issue a resolution or statement in line with the Israeli demands in order to stabilize the military achievements of the Zionists; otherwise if they came to the conclusion that the Zionist army was unable to accomplish its goals through military operations and that the resistance of the Palestinian people and combatants continued, they would call for immediate ceasefire to prevent another disgrace by Israel.

Therefore, the war in Gaza Strip reveals, more than anything else, the oppressive face of the international system and makes the point clear that as long as this unjust system remains unchanged the loud cries shouted by the people of the world in support of the innocent Palestinians every day would reach nowhere. The people of the world in their own countries should come up with creating independent governments which could fulfill their demands, just contrary to regimes such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia who have remained silent vis-à-vis the massacre of the Palestinian people and proved to all that they were coordinated with Israel before the Gaza tragedy began.

Now the question is: What is this lasting crisis in the Middle East which emerges as a full-fledged war every now and then? One day they wage the 33-day war (against Lebanon) and the other day cause the massacre of the Palestinians in Gaza Strip. The truth is that this ongoing crisis is rooted in the policies of the United States and Europe in creating the “Jewish state” in the heart of Palestinian lands. They have given the lands of the Palestinians to the Zionists and have moved the Jews from all over the world to Israel and at the same time prevent the Palestinian refugees from returning to their own lands. Under the status quo, the Palestinians are neither ruling over their own lands nor can deicide their own fate.

Israel and the US always try to pick leaders of the Palestinian Authority from among people who support the interests of Washington and the Zionists. Therefore, as long as this situation continues, a kind of spontaneous resistance would take shape among the Palestinians and the question of Palestine and the Middle East crisis would not be resolved.

As long as Israel acts as a military base and garrison on behalf of the US to dominate the Middle East and continues to usurp the Palestinian lands and as long as it fails to accept the realities in the region, one should expect repetition of calamities similar to the one going on in Gaza.

Ceasefire can temporarily bring about a safe environment and unstable tranquility but it will not ensure durable peace for the region. The Western world must accept that global rules and regulations as well as the behavior and yardsticks of powerful states towards all humans on the globe must be equal. They should not keep mum vis-à-vis the shameless massacres in Gaza but make hue and cry when a person who follows their path faces problem somewhere in the world. If this problem is not settled, it would be natural for the unjust behaviors of the world powers and imposition of Israel on the Middle East region to automatically help expansion of the resistance and struggle among all the freedom loving people, including the innocent Palestinians.

Nevertheless, a fundamental solution to restore peace and tranquility to the Middle East is the same proposed by Imam Khomeini in the early years after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, namely mobilization of all Muslim nations and “pouring of one bucket of water” by any of them on Israel would eliminate this fake regime from the map of the world forever and give its place to the real owners of the land, that is the people of Palestine.


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