Importance of Moscow Talks for US and Iran

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reza Garmabdari

According to the latest opinion poll conducted in the United States, the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who is now the main rival for the incumbent President Barack Obama, has succeeded to narrow his distance with Obama. It seems that in order to appease the US public opinion, Obama’s aides and his publicity experts have focused on the president’s achievements in his fight on terror. The US daily New York Times has also published reports on drone attacks in various countries as well as cyber attacks against Iran's nuclear program which reveal new information on the role played by the US President Obama in those attacks. The revelations have greatly angered representatives of the Senate and the US Congress. Both legislatures have noted that leak of secret information poses a serious threat to the US national security and have expressed their profound concern about such leaks in talks with the White House officials. Up to this stage, it is clear that the US president has decided to make inroads on the US trove of secret information from time to time, despite grave concern of certain parts of the US society and its legislatures, in order to increase chances of his success in the forthcoming presidential polls. Therefore, the main question is what has motivated Obama to continue nuclear negotiations with Iran.

If Obama reaches the conclusion that he stands no chance for winning the upcoming presidential polls, nuclear talks with Iran will have no value to him and will be of no priority. In that case, he will try to treat Iran's nuclear case as an ordinary issue with no urgency and leave its final solution to the next US president. Now, if Obama feels that he is losing ground and the Republican rival is rapidly catching up with him and can even overtake him through a political shock, in that case, his approach to nuclear negotiations with Iran will change and he will look upon nuclear talks as an opportunity and a tool. At present, he has a one-percent edge over his Republican rival in terms of popularity. Therefore, he is actually in the second state and the existing evidence shows that he greatly reckons on the result of nuclear negotiations with Iran as a means of winning the next presidential election.

Perhaps, this is why Obama should pursue the nuclear talks as a win-win game. Here, a win-win game means a game which will allow Obama to win a second presidential term at the White House while making it possible for the Islamic Republic of Iran to realize its nuclear rights. To make sure that both sides will have such a game to play, Iran must ignore new excuses sought by the West in the new round of nuclear talks, as fault finding has been a regular trait of the Western negotiators, and continue firmly on its path. Tehran should make the other negotiating parties realize that it has no concern about the beginning of a new game by the West which may cause forthcoming negotiations in Moscow to fail and may lead to imposition of even tougher sanctions on Iran. Therefore, Tehran should make the West understand that it is ready for all these complications. Western countries have frequently noted that the time for exercising diplomacy on Iran is approaching its end. However, to have a win-win game, both sides should understand the reality that it is Obama who is actually short of time and he will have no time to make up for a failure if he loses this opportunity. Finding an end to this breathtaking race depends on Obama’s personal choice. At present, Obama is facing a dilemma and should make a choice out of two equally disturbing options: either to pursue his own expediency at the cost of enraging the Zionist officials of Israel, or try to curry favor with those Zionist officials at the cost of his own failure in the forthcoming presidential election. Obama’s next problem is that he is losing time fast. Therefore, Obama cannot dawdle anymore because it is quite possible to lose his chance for a reelection while Iran will retain all its might and power, waiting for Obama’s successor to deal with.

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Source: Mashreghnews.IR
Translated By: Iran Review

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