Hostility to Iranians is Pure Racism

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mansour Farzami

Unfortunately, after the tightening of the loop of sanctions imposed on Iran by Western countries, bad news can be heard here and there. Blocking the bank accounts and insulting and humiliating Iranian-Canadian citizens who have no connection with the Iranian government stands in stark contrast with the Principles of International Law and the Provisions of the Geneva Convention and is considered as pure racism. This is no more the issue of conflicts among the states or sanctions. It is enmity with the Iranian people. According to the presumptions of the Western countries, Iranians have no legal right and even no right to live, thus trampling over their properties and possessions is easily regarded as rewarding. For years, Iran’s blocked properties in the United States have been subject to the considerable injunctions of the American courts and exposed to robbery on any pretexts, while there is no one to protect Iran's rights and the “truth” is what the US authorities determine.

The colonial character of Western powers is completely clear, however, what are the intellectuals, authors and advocates of liberty thinking about? How has the nature of “human’s” identity in life and in the world been defined in their lexicon? These people who form many societies, green parties and public institutions in order to preserve the nature and animals, what is their interpretation about the human being? It is certain that the cognizant West cannot delude its conscience and inner force, thus the question is that according to which law and based on which court order, the Canadian government has showed such an insolence towards the Iranian-Canadian citizens? What has been the crime of those who are the residents in Canada and how can the Canadian government justify its blind obedience to the United States?

What is the scheme of the Iranians living abroad and those who are EU and the US residents and are involved in Human Rights organizations activities and will gradually be subject to similar extortions to fight against such behaviors and how have they reflected this issue? Have they figured out the real character of the West and the nature of its culture, which the world has long seen its real face? The common sense dictates that we avoid “widespread ignorance”.

Why the Iranian authors inside Iran do not show any sensitivity in order to defend Iranians’ rights? We should give up the usual procedure of spending our life in hostile tracking of groups to find out whether they are reformist or not, and try to attend to the ongoing event of Iranians right all over the world.

The fortunate West, making no effort and paying no cost, and also out of our bad luck is enjoying the presence of millions of Iranians who are intellectuals, experts and efficient economic mangers and who possess hundreds of billions of liquidity and capital, a proficiency and capital that if some day it returns to Iran, the west will experience the loss we are suffering from now.

If the Iranian government make arrangements to return these valuable Iranians with their intellectual and physical wealth back to the country, their dignity will be protected and this would also be the greatest damage, in scientific and economic terms to the arrogant West which is blackmailing our country and nation. According to Late Ahmad Shamloo, let the light of our travelled Iranians, shine again in Iran. A task which has been done successfully in our neighborhood, in Turkey and has been the secret of the country’s unbelievable and astonishing progress.

It is certain that if the grounds be arranged for the suffered Iranians to return to Iran, their westernization and love for the western culture will be replaced with disdainfulness of the western symbols and its culture and this awareness would be very beneficial to our noble and decent culture, and the world and particularly the third world countries would learn a lesson from this “disdainfulness” as Gandhi and Eghbal Lahouri because of this “frustration” and “disdainfulness” succeeded in extricating of the Indian subcontinent from the old colonial power.

The Iranians who are living abroad, should also be in conformity with those inside Iran and do not forget their country and believe that Iran and the Iranian people still play a considerable role in the culture, science, art and morality of the world. They should believe that unanimity will always eventuate against the ruthlessly and unfairly imposed sanctions as it did with the case of changing the name of Persian Gulf. It is compulsory for the “proud Iranian” to think of “we” instead of “I” to fight against the arrogance and self satisfaction of the West. That is the way to guarantee the preservation of Iran's and the Iranian nation’s dignity.

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Source: Mardomsalari Newspaper
Translated By: Iran Review.Org

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