Holocaust Card Lost

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hadi Mahmoudi

According to estimates conducted by Anglo-Arab institutions, the Gaza war has dealt the strongest psychological and political blow on the status of the Jews in the world. According to these estimate, the main outcome of the war became apparent when the Jews lost their winning card after the Gaza genocide and cannot any more cry wolf and pretend innocence before the Western world. Al Jazeera said in several reports aired in this regard that Jewish intellectuals have stressed they cannot talk about the Nazi holocaust after the Gaza genocide.

None of the genocides in Beirut, Sabra and Shatila, Qana and South Lebanon could strip the Jewish lobby of this historic lie (holocaust). Gaza however has now done it very easily.

European analysts even lay emphasis that the Gaza carnage has created the biggest impasse for the Jewish lobby. Even in the United States, they are faced with serious uncertainty in proceeding with their scheme to influence the policies of the White House.

In another level, the Gaza genocide has intensified hatred towards Jewish power centers in Europe, France and Britain in particular. According to a report aired by the BBC TV channel, France, having the largest Muslim and Jewish population in Europe, is faced with a difficult situation  (About four to five million Muslims and 600,000 Jews live in France.)

Although most of the demonstrations against Israeli attacks on Gaza were held peacefully in France, the emergence of an anti-Semitic wave in the east and south of that country has been reported. Even Zionist offices and Jewish centers in Paris have come under attack.

Rabbis avoid wearing yarmulke and rabbi hats as well as their special official costume in public in Paris and some other cities in France. Head of the Students Union in France has announced there have been 55 anti-Zionism cases in France since the launch of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

He said the extent of the attack on the Jews is more than those they had witnessed in 2001 after the Israeli attack on Palestinians during the Second Intifada. Some 271 anti-Zionist events were reported in 2007.

The strong wave of hatred towards Israel made European leaders seriously concerned and many representatives of associations referred to the escalation of opposition in several European cities against the Jews supporting Tel Aviv. Others also speak about receiving thousands of SMS messages expressing hatred towards the Jew.

In another part of Europe, continuation of Zionist regime’s attacks on the Gaza Strip has given rise to differences among Jews in Britain to the extent that a number of rabbis stressed their support for the Palestinian nation by taking part in different demonstrations. One of these rabbis also set fire to his Israeli passport on the sidelines of the demonstrations.

John Rose, a member of the anti-Zionist Jewish Organization, said on that day that the unruly government of Israel should be sanctioned. He added that he was among the ever-increasing Jewish elites who are opposing this attack.

Undoubtedly, John Rose’s move is a full-size image of a crisis which, after the Gaza catastrophe, has entrapped circles supporting the Zionist regime in the West.


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