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Sunday, October 21, 2007
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Guillaume DeLisle's map clearly marks out 'Tthe Persian Gulf'

The Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia is to send a copy of a historical Persian Gulf map to the world's scientific centers.

The 284-year-old map of the Persian Gulf will be published and presented to various universities, libraries, scientific and cultural centers in the world.

The Persian Gulf was famous for being one of the world's most important waterways before geography was known as a scientific field. It was mentioned and depicted on all historical maps of the world as 'The Persian Gulf'.

The invaluable map of the Persian Gulf to be sent to the world's scientific centers was published in 1724 in Paris by Guillaume DeLisle, cartographer of the Science Association of the French Empire. This historical document, marking out the territory and borders of Iran in the Safavid era, is among scores of maps published by the world's known cartographers.

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Map of Iran made by Guillaume DeLisle

In the world map of Diseark, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Gulf, which is an ancient name for the Red Sea, have been clearly outlined.

Many maps and deeds drawn up from ancient times up to the 8th century by such world-famous historians as Arrian, Hecataeus, Herodotus, Hiparek, Claudius Batlamious as well as those prepared in the Islamic period, by Massoudi, Balkhi, Estakhri, Ibn Houghal and Abu Reyhan Birouni mention that there is a wide sea to the south of Iran called 'The Persian Gulf'.

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