Highly-Cited Iranian Chemist Listed by ISI

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) has listed the Iranian chemist, Shahram Tangestani-Nejad, among the world's highly-cited researchers.

Tangestani-Nejad has thus far presented 114 papers in creditable scientific journals of the world and has been introduced as a highly-cited scientist in January 2008.

He is the first Iranian highly-cited chemist who has been quoted about 1,124 times in various scientific papers.

Associate professor of chemistry of Isfahan University has noted that about 40 years have passed since establishment of ISI and, thus far, 20 Iranian researchers have been chosen as international scientists by the institute in various fields.

Each year and on several occasions, the Institute for Scientific Information introduces highly-cited scientists of the world in various fields of basic sciences, medicine, humanities, technical and engineering disciplines, as well as agriculture and arts in view of the number of times they have been quoted in creditable scientific journals.

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