Hazrat Fatemeh (AS), Daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The world has been imbued with fragrance of Hazrat Zahra (AS). She was raised by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and accompanied her father along the tortuous path of prophethood. She is the origin of 12 Shiite imams and the source of imamate.

Historians believe that Hazrat Fatemeh (AS) was born in Mecca on the 20th day of the lunar month Jumada II in the fifth year after her father became prophet. Then when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) emigrated from Mecca to Medina, she was 9 years old.

She has been known with names and nicknames all of which indicate her moral values; nicknames like honest woman, pure woman, the greatest woman in the world, the best of women …

The most amazing nickname given to her was “mother of her father”, which indicated how deeply she loved her father and that, despite her age, she was a spiritual haven for her father (after Almighty God), just as was the case with her mother, Khadija.

Fatemeh (AS) had inherited all virtues of her mother, Khadija. She was honest, generous, and forgiving. She also inherited her father’s divine virtues and was also a kind, sympathetic, and sacrificing wife for her husband, Hazrat Ali (AS).

She lived nine years with her parents and another nine years with her husband, Ali (AS), and was active both in promoting the teachings of Islam, in social services as well as in housekeeping. Her time at home was allocated to raising children, doing housework, and worshipping God. Fatemeh was raised according to Islamic principles and her soul was imbued with faith and piety.

Fatemeh (AS) grew with her mother and father and learned divine knowledge from her father. She then used what she had learnt from her father at her husband’s house and paid attention to her husband and her children like an experienced woman. She was also aware of what was going on outside her house and spared nothing to defend her right and that of her husband.

One of the main issues, which raised hope in infidels, was when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) died, his followers would be left with no leader and the message of Mohammad (PBUH) would be soon forgotten.

Due to wrong traditions of that time, the infidels maintained that a man lived through his male progeny and since both sons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had died, they believed that he would have no scion and after his death, there would be nobody else to raise the flag of Islam.

However, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was sure that he would give rise to a pure generation which would be the source of all good on Earth. Before long, he was delighted when Chapter Kowsar of the Holy Quran was brought to him.


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