Happy New Year 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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Happy New Year 2016

Pope Francis issued his message for the World Day of Peace, 1 Jan 2016. The theme of the Message is: “Overcome indifference and win peace.” In the message, dated 8 Dec 2015, the Pope acknowledged the various forms of war, terrorism, and persecution present in today’s world, but said there is reason to hope. Pope Francis said we are called to “compassion, love, mercy and solidarity” in our relationships with one another. He added  that “the conversion of our hearts” is needed for us to become “open to others in authentic solidarity.” The Pope called for the building of a culture of solidarity and mercy in order to overcome indifference. Pope Francis went on to say that peace is the fruit of a culture of solidarity, mercy, and compassion.

Christmas this year, as so often, will be celebrated in the dark shadow of violence and fear, from terrorism to domestic violence. But we cannot be without hope. We have to be with hope, despite everything surrounding us.

War, violence and atrocities cannot take away the joy for the children, nor prevent us from celebrating. Military response and the way of force cannot solve the problems of humanity.  We need to find the root and cause of this scourge, and to tackle them. We must combat poverty and injustice, which may constitute a breeding ground for terrorism. Similarly, we must promote education on tolerance and acceptance of the other.

As we approach the coming holiday season it is appropriate to reflect seriously and with concern on the past year's many signs of growing discord across the nations of the world.

As we celebrate new beginnings with the start of a new year, let us commit ourselves to the individual acts of connection and understanding that bind our communities together. Let us build upon those individual acts to revive our common commitment to creating the world we all so desire: a world in which harmony and prosperity are within reach and our children are raised on hope and hard work, not fear.

My colleagues and I in Iran Review.Org Website would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and send our best wishes to you and your dear family. May your new year be filled with much joy, happiness and success.

May the New Year brings peace, security, friendship and cooperation among world nations and countries.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Sincerely Yours
Firouzeh Mirrazavi
Deputy Editor
Iran Review.Org

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