Gaza: Resistance & Oppression

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Abolqasem Qasemzadeh

The full siege of Gaza by the Zionist regime including cutting water and power supply has put more than 1.5 million Palestinians in the worst living condition. Hospitals have no electricity and medicine. People’s access to flour and bread is now adding to the plight. The United Nations officials have warned on several occasions that Gaza is on the verge of a human tragedy and the Zionist regime army is preventing UN officers from supplying the minimum foodstuff to the ordinary people and Palestinian families. The UN secretary general has officially declared the situation in Gaza dangerous and warned that continuation of the siege would lead to a human tragedy. Schools are closed and many children and seniors are in an emergency state. According to latest news, the Zionist regime has set conditions for reopening of the supply routes to Gaza. Concurrent with the siege, the bombing of Gaza continues and some homes have been demolished over the heads of the people.

The following points are noteworthy in dealing with this tragic situation:

1.    The Zionist regime always escalates its siege, military operations and assassination against Palestinians within the span of government transition in the US and the end of presidential elections. This bitter experience has been repeated over the past years. The stagnant news climate or one directed at political change in the US provide an appropriate ground for the Zionist regime’s military action and repressive moves. The same ground has been prepared for the Zionist regime these days with a news blackout on the siege of Gaza to enable the Zionists to go ahead with its inhuman measures.

2.    At this time, the Arab governments too are dealing with two events: the international financial crisis; and the change of government in the US. The Egyptian government has failed expectations to take effective political and publicity measures about Gaza. The Saudis by attending the Washington conference (where King Abdullah met with Israel’s Shimon Perez) instead of taking action in favor of Gaza are seeking stabilization of their compromise policies vis-à-vis the Zionist regime. No effective steps have been taken by the Arab community either and these all have given the Zionists the green light to continue the siege of Gaza.

3.    The aim is to suppress the resistance and strengthen the line of compromise in Palestine with the slogan of holding early elections for the autonomous government and putting aside Hamas and the prominent figures of the resistance. The Zionists have laid a siege against Gaza so that the city would give in to the compromise faction in the Palestinian Authority.

4.    The truth is that Gaza and its people are now at the front line of the resistance and are holding on under much oppression. It is the season of Hajj pilgrimage but the Egyptians have blocked the south and people are unable to leave and go on pilgrimage to the holy shrines (in Mecca & Medina).

There are ongoing reports on the death of children at hospitals with no water and electricity and other facilities. The UN chief too has sufficed to words and condemnation. There is also a news blackout by most of the Western news agencies on this human tragedy. No practical steps have been taken by Arab governments, particularly by Egypt and Saudi Arabia from which there are more expectations. The Zionists see their hands open and are doing whatever they want. The Middle East today is witnessing a resistance coupled with oppression of the Gazan Palestinians. On the eve of government transition in the US, the Zionist regime with its siege of Gaza is sending a clear message to the Arab governments: Militarism and Zionist hegemony remains the prime aim and target of the Israeli regime.


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