GECF Gas Summit and Tehran’s Message

Friday, November 27, 2015

Javid Ghorbanoghli
Former Foreign Ministry Director for African Affairs & Expert on International Affairs

The recent summit meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Iran’s capital city of Tehran contained important messages for world countries.

Today, conditions of the world are such that ties among countries as well as international and regional groupings are considered as security matters or are related to important economic issues. This meeting was important in that economic issues of countries attending the summit are intertwined under the existing conditions, while their security interests are also intermingled. Gas exports showed their importance in the world when that the crisis in Ukraine led to the disruption of Russia’s gas exports to Europe, which proved that security and economic issues are of the same importance. Under these circumstances and after this summit, the following points seem to be worthy of note:

1. After a period in which some countries sought to isolate our country at global level, holding of this summit meeting can send an important message to the world. The Islamic Republic of Iran has shown that it seeks interaction with all countries that have not adopted a hostile approach to Iran. This issue actually renders futile those policies that were adopted to isolate Iran at international level. Even when pursuing the nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA), with global powers, Iran proved to the world how logical and strong is its approach and demonstrated its power in the face of world powers. At present, this summit can be considered as continuation of the same policy by Iran in the face of world countries.

2. After holding this important meeting, which was attended by nine heads of state, including eight presidents and a prime minister, and during which important decisions were made, now we must await practical outcomes of the meeting. The meeting can have an effective impact on global gas markets and from now on, we must expect the Islamic Republic of Iran to play a more serious role in this regard.

3. Countries that have adopted a hostile and belligerent approach to Iran for any reason must learn a lesson from Iran’s interaction-based and effective approach both at regional and international levels.

4. Holding a meeting at this level in full security and at a time that Europe is scared of Daesh and the Middle East region is ablaze with insecurity, sends a special message to the world: security is for those countries that are honest in their fight against terrorism.

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Source: Hamshahri Daily
Translated By: Iran Review.Org

*Photo Credit: ISNA