French Miniaturists in Iran: Paradis Persans

Sunday, May 25, 2014


A collection of Persian miniatures by French artists has been displayed in an exhibition, at the National Art Museum of Iran on May 20.


The exhibition has been organized joint by the museum and Tehran’s Shams Gallery.



The French artists are the students of the Paris-based Iranian miniature master Abbas Moayyeri, who has trained many students in this field.



Miniatures by Brigitte Goldberg, Marie-Noel Robert, Valerie Lefebvre, Izabell Manukyan and several French-based Iranian artists including Shahriar Khataizadeh, and Mona Tajabadi are seen among the works, added Jamshidi who serves as director of the Shams Gallery.



Moayyeri has been living in Paris since 1970, and has helped to preserve the basic and artistic aspects of this traditional Iranian art of miniature.



He is a follower of the school of Persian miniaturist Hossein Behzad (1894–1968) and has trained over 100 students during his 40-year career.



Moayyeri created courses on Persian miniature at the Association for the Development of Cultural Activities (A.D.C.A) in Paris in 1984.



He has been teaching at (A.D.C.A) for 30 years, conveying his valuable experience to admirers of this particular painting style.



The exhibit will be running until June 3 at the museum located on Kamalolmolk St., Baharestan Square.



Western artists discovered the Persian miniature at the beginning of the 20th century, in the light of Persian art exhibitions in Munich in 1910, Paris in 1912 and London in 1931.



As early as the 11th century, in Persia, miniatures described heroes of epic literature and poetry. Persian miniature experienced a turning point with the invasion of Mongols and during the Timourid period (12th/ 16th century). The Chinese influence was found especially in the drawing and material. These paintings were first designed to illustrate texts; they will be done on separate paper sheets from the 16th century.



Persian miniatures are a paradisiacal vision, materialized in the garden, featuring trees - that can make coexist seasons, fall and spring - fountains, silver  rivers, brightly coloured mountains and golden skies. All the beauty of Persian miniature comes from its magnificent colours and abundant finely elaborated details.


*Photo Credit: Cultural Heritage News Agency, Paradis Persans

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