Five Steps to Nuclear Final

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hassan Mohammadi
Editor in Chief of Iranian’s Nuclear Hope Website

Perhaps the extreme tranquility around Beau Rivage Palace Hotel in the Swiss city of Lausanne was one of the reasons why this city was chosen for the continuation of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group, so that the last five steps toward a nuclear final would be taken without unwanted debates.

Diplomats representing Iran and the P5+1 group of countries say they have so far taken important steps to achieve a final nuclear deal and have reached a point where returning to the situation that existed at the beginning of talks has become very difficult, if not impossible, for both sides. Perhaps, this is why the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters after taking part in the negotiations that, “We are facing decisive days ahead. After almost 12 years of negotiations with Iran, now the last 'match' of the negotiations begins.” Also, in spite of expectations that some diplomats had about the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius to oppose a deal with Iran – as he had done during last year’s nuclear talks in Geneva – he did not utter any controversial remarks upon his arrival in Lausanne and even defended Iran's right to enrich uranium.

On the other hand, the US Secretary of State John Kerry, had already made remarks criticizing a proposal offered by opponents of the US President Barack Obama’s administration to withdraw from nuclear talks with Iran, noting that such a withdrawal from talks would lead to collapse of sanctions regime against Iran.

Some Western media have been also brandishing promising headlines these days about the situation of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group. But why the current stage of the negotiations is so important? The answer to this question will also reveal the secret of promising reports that have surrounded Iran's new talks with world powers during past days.

The reason for the importance of this round of the negotiations is the main issue, which has been mostly ignored by mass media, including domestic media in Iran. During this round of talks, all involved parties are trying hard to find solutions for all problems that have so far stalled nuclear talks. And in doing that, they are looking for win-win solutions which would enable both sides to leave the negotiating table in a state of satisfaction. Negotiations in Lausanne are, in fact, a long stride among five long steps that should be taken by the two sides in the period that remains before a deadline set for the first of June. Finding solutions for all problems is the main point which will raise hopes about reaching a final solution because the negotiating sides have actually found satisfactory solutions for all problems. Therefore, the next steps will be dedicated to discussing the details and implementation of those solutions.

Although the details of solutions are no less important than achieving such general solutions, but the fact that solutions have been found for every bone of contention between the negotiations parties is, per se, of high significance. The emphasis put by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Supreme Leader on an agreement to be achieved in one stage attests to the importance of this fact.

Iranian diplomats believed that if general outlines of a deal are made public while their details cannot be publicized until the deadline reaches, the opponents of the nuclear deal will have a good opportunity to scuttle the entire course of the negotiations and raise many questions about it. Of course, this viewpoint is not solely held by Iranian diplomats and one of the foreign ministers taking part in the nuclear talks has noted that if they made the general outlines of the deal public, he would have sore throat for the next three months and would not be able to take part in any interview!

In fact, all parties have reached a consensus over a one-stage agreement and maintain that it would facilitate a final deal. However, pressures mounted by the US Congress have forced the American side to seek a written understanding, even in a few pages, to feed it to the Congress and keep its members content until the deadline. The Iranian side, on the other hand, will most probably issue a press release about the meetings that have taken place among foreign ministers of seven countries with no mention of the general outline of the negotiations.

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Source: Tabnak News Site
Translated By: Iran Review.Org

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