First Artificial Oil Well in Iran Based on Nanosensors' Technology

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The chief of Iran's Research Institute of Petroleum Industry said the first artificial oil well in the Middle East was constructed in Iran using the smart reservoirs technology and nanosensors.

Dr Kamali, the chief of Iran's Research Institute of Petroleum Industry said: The Institute has a brilliant background in studies on the oil reservoirs during its 48 years experience.

He added: The institute has been a pioneer in design of expert software in this regard and its software has now entered the production. In drilling technology, the institute has done better than many big foreign companies and based on the nano technology has designed the cement mixture with PCF 62 and tested it in Marun, and got positive results. This technology will be implemented in Kupal and Shadegan as well.

Dr Kamali added: Regarding the smart reservoirs, we have been studying for three years and for the first time the artificial oil well was built in Iran and we hope, by using the nanosensors, to be able to manage and monitor these types of reservoirs in the near future.

He insisted: Our main goal is to increase the production by increasing the rate of retrieval of the oil reservoirs. Considering that Iran’s oil reservoirs is estimated to be 500 billion barrels, if we could increase the retrieval rate by one percent, we can produce a value added of 300 billion Dollars (based on 60 Dollars per barrels), which is an important step in our economy.

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