Ferdowsi Statue in Britain’s Wadham College

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The statue of Persian poet Ferdowsi is to be set up at the library of Wadham College of the University of Oxford in the near future.

In a meeting with Sir Neil Chalmers, the warden of Wadham College, Iran’s cultural attaché in London Ali-Mohammad Helmi proposed the idea of setting up a statue of Ferdowsi at the Wadham College.

They also discussed bilateral cooperation, holding art and cultural workshops and poetry nights at the University of Oxford and the ways to enrich courses on the Persian language and literature.

Sir Chalmers also expressed his pleasure over boosting art and cultural relationships with the universities of Iran and warmly received the idea of installing the statue of Ferdowsi at the college.

Helmi stated that changes in Iranian culture after the Islamic Revolution have impressed both the regional countries and the world and the Western experts should pay due attention to these cultural changes in Iran.

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