Farshchian’s “Shams and Rumi” Unveiled in Isfahan

Thursday, October 4, 2007
Master miniaturist, Mahmud Farshchian has created a work entitled “Shams and Rumi”.
The painting took two months to complete in the U.S. and was unveiled at the Farshchian Art and Cultural Complex in Isfahan on August 2.
The creation of such an artwork is a good retort to publishers in Arab countries who have introduced Rumi, the Iranian poet and mystic, along with other great Persian scientists and intellectuals, as the luminaries of other nations. In addition, prints of paintings by Iranian artists have been wrongly named as Arab works of art in their publications.
Farshchian’s work “Shams and Rumi,” has been inspired by one of Rumi’s poems. Special colors have been used in the painting to feature the mystical and spiritual relationship that existed between Shams and Rumi.
طراحی و توسعه آگاه‌سیستم