Experts Comment on Iran’s Response to West’s Proposed Package (3)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A political analyst has stressed the importance of resumption of nuclear talks between Iran and 5+1 countries. By reviewing the latest events concerning Iran’s nuclear issue one would realize that a clear horizon has emerged in the nuclear talks today, he says.

Mohammad Kazem Anbarlouei, member of the editorial board of Resalat daily says the interest shown by EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana to continue talks with secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council is “one step forward.” He said the 5+1 countries could complete this positive step by eliminating the precondition of enrichment suspension.

He added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly emphasized that it would never accept (uranium enrichment) suspension as a precondition for the start of the talks but has made it clear that suspension could be an outcome of the negotiations. This means that the issue of suspension could be discussed in the talks.”

The newspaper editor said: “As the world has witnessed, the West has not accepted Iran’s legal argument in the question of uranium enrichment. Moreover, the challenging stance of the West against Iran comes at a time that Iran has claims against these countries. The truth is that the countries using nuclear weapons should give security guarantees to other countries.

Pointing to the new situation in Iran’s nuclear case, Anbarlouei stated: “The fact that Iran is not even thinking of acquiring nuclear weapons has been proved to the world public opinion and many elites. Therefore, the West’s pretexts against Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities can be merely regarded as useless political hostility.”

He further noted: “We must pay attention that if the West adopts a logical stance in dealing with Iran’s nuclear issue in view of the new conditions, then we could pin hope on the future of the new round of talks. In any case, by monitoring the developments in Iran’s nuclear case, one would realize that a clear horizon has been opened which could lead to considerable results if handled properly by 5+1.”


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