Experts Comment on Iran’s Response to West’s Proposed Package (2)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Majlis, Abbas Rajaei believes that the proposed package by 5+1 has no attraction for Iran. He says Iran should not enter into a situation where other countries could set conditions.

Pointing to the proposals in the 5+1 package, including agriculture issues, Rajaei noted: “There is nothing new but the same old words within a new package. They should know that there is no attraction for us to enhance scientific, cultural and economic relations with them because they need these exchanges more than us.”

He noted that Iran is one the most attractive countries in the region for investment. He also said there are certain red lines for Iran in the nuclear issue which must be respected in any proposed package by the West. The most important red line is that suspension of the nuclear program is not negotiable.

Rajaei, a member of the “principlist” faction in the parliament, added: “If the West is after new talks with Iran, these talk should be fair and without preconditions; because no country would accept violation of the rights of its nation as a precondition.”

He reiterated that Iran should not enter into a climate where other countries could set terms. “Iran cannot trust the promise-breaking countries; because the same countries that are trying to limit Iran today had planned transfer of nuclear programs to the country before the (1979) revolution. Our question is that how come the nuclear program deemed peaceful before the revolution is now regarded hostile!”

He added: “History is full of violation of Iran’s rights by the West. Therefore, if talks are to be held these countries should make some confidence-building move and after Iran verifies their move then plans can be made for start of negotiations.”


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