Excuses to Pressure Iran for its Peaceful Nuclear Program

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Former president Mohammad Khatami has said that the West especially the U.S. should stop seeking excuses to pressure Iran for its peaceful nuclear program.

Khatami criticized the Western powers’ efforts to mount pressure on Iran, saying that referring Iran’s nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council was a mistake.

Khatami said, “The report contained positive points and I believe that the Iranians and the International Atomic Energy Agency have developed cooperation in a logical manner and achieved the desired results. However, the report also included some negative points and ambiguities which can provide a path for those who are seeking a pretext to prevent a diplomatic settlement of the nuclear issue.”

Iran has repeatedly announced that it has no intention to deviate from the “peaceful path” in its nuclear drive, he said, adding that the nuclear dispute should be resolved peacefully under the supervision of the IAEA.

Khatami said, “No doubt there is a fear of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, but why should Iran tolerate this pressure? Iran has repeatedly declared that it is prepared to cooperate with the IAEA and the international community. The Islamic Republic has no intention of moving toward the production of nuclear weapons, but we see that Israel possesses nuclear arms.”

If the West really intends to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, it should first eliminate those arms which already have been manufactured, he added.

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