Establishment of stability and security in Eurasia

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Iran wants stability in Eurasia

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that the establishment of stability and security in Eurasia would be in Iran's favor.

Iran, as an important player in Eurasia, does its utmost to establish security in this region and believes that bringing the issue to fruition is an international need demanding a multilateral security approach," Mottaki said.

He said that Eurasia has a good geo-strategic and geo-economic situation, with rich oil, gas and natural resources. However, there are assorted challenges which affect security and stability in this sensitive region.

He stressed indigenous strategies as 'the best way' to restore security in every region, and insisted that regional strategies must be based on solidarity, cooperation and mutual confidence among countries.

The minister said that peaceful coexistence depends on cooperation and interaction among cultures, identities and religions, especially the adoption of principles and regulations which will be acceptable to all. "The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that in a globalized world, security and stability are integral. To confront modern challenges, an all-out international approach is needed," he added.

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