Establishment of Foreign Military Base Forbidden in Iran

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says neither Russia nor any other countries have a permanent military base in the Islamic Republic.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has not put any military bases at the disposal of Russia or other countries," Larijani said.

“Under Article 146 of the Constitution, the establishment of any foreign military base inside the country is forbidden, and it is worth mentioning that Iran has not given such a base to any country,” Larijani said.

The top parliamentarian, however, said cooperation would continue between Tehran and Moscow on regional issues, including Syria and Yemen and the fight against terrorism.

"Our cooperating with Russia on regional issues such as Syria does not mean that we have given a military base to Russia," Larijani said.

A senior Iranian official also said Iran and Russia are engaged in “strategic” cooperation and exchange of capacities to fight terrorism in Syria.

“Tehran-Moscow cooperation in the fight against terrorism in Syria is strategic and we exchange capacities and potentialities in this field,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said.

The SNSC secretary also stated that Iran has managed to establish stability and security in the country and will continue to provide advisory assistance to those countries plagued with terrorism.

The Islamic Republic is a stable and secure country through reliance on the know-how, experience and might of its military and security institutions and due to strong support of its people, Shamkhani said.

He added that the Islamic Republic's enemies seek to bring to life some “defunct and outdated” opposition groups by giving them money and different promises, but they would certainly fail to achieve their goals.

Shamkhani further said constructive cooperation among Iran, Russia and Syria has created a “very tough” situation for terrorists.

"As a result of the constructive and extended cooperation among Iran, Russia, Syria and the resistance front, the situation has become very tough for terrorists and this process will continue with the beginning of a new and extended operation until their annihilation," the senior Iranian official said.

He emphasized that preventing foreign-backed militants from using civilians as human shield must be taken into consideration as an inevitable approach to dealing blows to terrorist groups.

Shamkhani noted that proper measures have been taken in this regard and the dispatch of foodstuff and medicine has not been stopped despite blind attacks by terrorist groups.

*Photo Credit: Press TV