Dr. Majid Asadi Chosen Top Nuclear Medicine Researcher

Monday, January 28, 2008

Majid Asadi is 28 years old and comes from Jam in southern Iran. He has ranked first at Bushehr University and has been admitted to nuclear medicine course of Tehran University. He is currently finishing a specialized course in nuclear medicine at Tehran University and is top student of his course.

Dr. Majid Asadi has recently had a great international achievement and has been invited to take part in an international congress of nuclear medicine and biology and deliver his speech as one of the top nuclear medicine researchers of the world.

This award is offered to top researchers in the field every four years and in the course of conferences held by World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology in South Korea. This year and after extensive studies by experienced experts, the award has been given to an Iranian researcher.

The international confederation of nuclear medicine has invited Dr. Majid Asadi to deliver four speeches and claim his prize in South Korea. Two of his papers are about nuclear medicine and cardiac medicine while the other two are about nuclear medicine and neurology. The prize includes special status of nuclear medicine community, a commendation plaque, as well as cash prize.

Despite his young age, Dr. Majid Asadi has become renowned in the country and at international level.

He has, thus far, presented 24 scientific papers to international neurology congress of Australia, international congress on nuclear medicine (Canada), annual congress on nuclear medicine (the United States), European congress on nuclear medicine (Istanbul and Athens) as well as various Iranian scientific events. Twenty five of his papers have been also printed in American, British, Greek, Chilean, Spanish and Iranian journals.

His main honor was to be chosen as Man of the Year of the United States in 2005 in the field of otolaryngology. The reason for his choice was use of a new method in nuclear medicine for diagnosis of post-traumatic anosmia, which was presented for the first time in the world. This was an objective method use to help otolaryngologists as well as forensic medicine specialists.

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