Developments of Egypt in Imam Khomeini’s Words

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

R. Saraei

Active ImageThe late Imam Khomeini constantly invited heads of states, especially regional leaders, to get attuned to teachings of Islam and asked regional people to rise against tyrant leaders who were lackeys of big powers, but were not ready to follow Islam. He noted that the God’s divine promise for final triumph of Muslims and other freedom seeking people over tyrants and dictators would be fulfilled in the near future.

Now that the wave of freedom seeking, return to Islam and confrontation with bullies and tyrants has risen high fueled by suppressed wrath of people, there is more need to cast another look at profound ideas of Imam Khomeini. What follows are excerpts of his sayings as quoted from Sahifeh Nour series without any change.

“…You should know that superpowers will never extend the same support to your small and weak governments that they did to Saddam, who was their obedient servant, and you have witnessed the fate of this criminal and his criminal comrade, the deposed Shah. The big powers will only support you as long as you are useful to them and will easily sacrifice you for their own interests. My brotherly advice to you is not to do anything that would make us treat you according to God’s commands in the Holy Quran. Be sure that people like the Egyptian Hosni Mubarak and Jordanian (King) Hossein and other criminals will not avail you and will lonely waste your religious faith and worldly lives. If you tried to relive Camp David plan or Fahd, who is already dead, and we consider them big threats to Holy Shrines, Islam would not allow us to remain silent.

I have fulfilled my divine obligation before God. Now, I pray the Almighty God and pray for the armed forces of Islam and those who sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Quran and our endeared Iran and I wish all of them happiness and victory. (May 24, 1982, on the occasion of the conquest of Khorramshahr)

The pathetic General of Qadisiya has stretched out his begging hand in all directions and puts hope in defeated criminals in order to continue its crimes against the oppressed nation of Iraq as well as Arabs and non-Arab Muslims of Iran and the region for a little longer. He is so forlorn that he has brazenly gone over his past empty claims about Israel, which he claimed was its staunch foe, and is now a close friend to Israel and wishes to get close to the United States, which he claimed to have severed ties with. He is now looking to the United States’ lackeys, whom he had robbed by bullying and high cries, and has now put his hope in people like Hosni, Hassan, Hussein, and Nimeiri and other criminal figures, who are themselves nothing but defeated criminals. Mass communication media have launched incessant propaganda but their lies have become clear to all. They are trying to save this drowning swimmer in the hope that they would be able to cover the sun of Islam for a little longer. However, they are well aware that they cannot block the flood of divine blessings which will save Muslims and all other oppressed people of the world and will not be able to cover this light of spirituality through their satanic ploys and cannot put it out with their false propaganda.

I hope, the God’s promise for helping the oppressed would be fulfilled soon and the power of the Almighty God will be manifested through the will of the oppressed nations and this divine development in the Iranian nation will find its way into other nations in order to fulfill the God’s promise that tyrants will not be able to continue their crimes against the oppressed people of the world. (February 11, 1984; on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution)

American politicians should change the way they think and their policies and do not suppose that they are in charge of the whole world and all countries are obeying them with closed eyes. They should note that severance of relations, economic sanctions and their false lists of accusations against us will not strand us. Likewise, getting Egypt into the so-called Organization of the Islamic Conference though all introductory and later measures and collusion with Hussein and Hassan and Hosni has not been able to prevent awakening of nations and prevent their protests against them. it is no surprise that the United States and its stooges are doing anything to get him back into the Arab world and the most regretful is situation of Arab leaders after all those introductory measures, propaganda, covert and overt diplomatic traffic, and what they said about new plans in gatherings of kings and presidents and high-ranking heads of Muslim and non-Muslim states. Perhaps, those who did not know them expected some good to come out of such gatherings for Islam, Muslims and the oppressed nations of the world. (February 11, 1983; on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution)

Now that professional actors are trying through different schemes to maintain their longstanding state of plunder and have been hit by the unity among Muslims, their well-known stooges are doing their best to prevent triumph of Islam. People like the Moroccan Hassan have betrayed Islam and Muslim nations, especially the Arab nations and Palestine, by meeting with Peres and befriending him. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Muslim and Arab nations and states to cut the treacherous hands of people like (King) Hussein of Jordan (this treacherous broker who will never cease until he gets regional states caught in the snare of the Great Satan) and like Hosni Mubarak who is another version of Anwar Sadat and other betrayers of Islam. These are people who have been playing with you and have intentionally or unintentionally blocked the path that leads to dignity and honor of Islam. (August 7, 1986; message to Hajj pilgrims)

Our nation and also all Islamic and oppressed nations of the world are honored that their enemies that are enemies of the Almighty God, the Holy Quran and the dear Islam, are but carnivores that do not spare any crime and treachery to achieve their ominous and criminal ends and in their endeavors to achieve superiority and their mean interests, do not differentiate between friend and foe. Among them, the United States, this inborn terrorist, is a state which has set the whole world on fire. Its main ally is global Zionism which commits any crime to achieve its goals which cannot be described by words and writings. The foolish whim of establishing the Greater Israel has made them commit any crime.

The Muslim and oppressed nations of the world are honored that their enemies include the Jordanian (King) Hussein, a wondering criminal, as well as Hassan and Hosni Mubarak who are also allies of the criminal Israel and do not spare any treachery to their nations in order to serve the United States and Israel. We are also honored that our enemy is Saddam who is known by his friends and enemies for his crimes and violations of international law and human rights and everybody knows that his treachery to the oppressed nation of Iraq and sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf has been no less severe than his treachery against the Iranian nation. (Political-Divine Will of Imam Khomeini)

Source: Tabnak News Site
Translated By: Iran Review

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