Denouncing British Queen's remarks

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Iran's Foreign Ministry denounces the remarks made by Queen Elizabeth II that called on the world to halt Iran's nuclear program.

The British Queen is over 80 years old. Her reign is among the longest-standing in the world; she is clearly aware of the history of the peaceful nuclear activities in Iran which dates back to 1950," the ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said.

More than six decades have passed since the beginning of peaceful nuclear activities in Iran, yet the country has not launched its first nuclear power plant due to baseless allegations against the country and the double standard approach adopted by the West, he added.

Hosseini recalled that Iran's nuclear activities had been launched with the support of the US and three major European states six decade ago.

"Countries such as Britain have not only launched numerous nuclear plants but have also produced hundreds of nuclear warheads, some of which are eight times more powerful than the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima.”

Such allegations are aimed at hindering the scientific development in independent states, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to pursuing its peaceful nuclear program; such remarks will not prevent the Iranian nation from continuing its path," Hosseini concluded.