Chinese Official Says Iran’s Robotics Advances Amazing

Monday, April 21, 2008

Head of the robotics team of China’s Shanghai University noted that despite all sanctions against Iran, the country’s progress in the field of robotics has been amazing.

Woo added that the level of robotics competitions has greatly increased during recent years and noted that development of robotics will benefit the whole world.

The official also stated that competitions in small footballers section, which was held at Shanghai University, was very high and competition were very close.

Member of Shanghai University’s robotics team noted that despite severe sanctions, Iranians have been capable of making up for shortages.

Woo noted that some Iranian universities enjoy a very high level in scientific terms and Iranian students have won valuable prizes in various scientific events around the world.

It should be noted that robotics team of Shanghai University, called Strive, has ranked first in the third Iranian Free RoboCup Competitions.

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