Bush's remarks lack rationality

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Iranian FM has described President Bush's latest comments as irrational and a sign of America's political despair in the region.

Manouchehr Mottaki termed Bush's claims against Iran as undocumented and said such remarks even have no takers among the US electorate.

Mottaki referred to the Bush administration's intensions in reenacting hackneyed scenarios in the region and said Bush's electoral approach is based on his policy of promoting violence and creating a security ambiance across the globe, which has received a "No" from the US voters.

The Iranian minister added Bush faces serious problems at home and he believes that he could find a way out of the crisis by baseless rhetoric.

Mottaki called on Washington to end its security and militaristic approach, pay attention to main cause of the crisis in the Middle East and Iraq, respect people's votes, follow the collective wisdom and leave the region to its owners in order to get out of its vicious cycle of mistakes.

He slammed a Bush administration's decision to allocate an extra $50 billion to the War in Iraq and said allocating such a big sum of taxpayers' money to fuel violence in Iraq and accelerate arms race in the region would not save a region which is facing instability, hatred and violence due to the wrong policies of Bush.