Bovana, 1st Iranian Calf Born through in Vitro Fertilization

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The first calf which was the result of transfer of in vitro fetus to a cow has been born by Iranian specialists at Isfahan Royan Research Center at 02:00 on Sunday, May 4. The birth of this animal is different from recombinant animals.

Dr. Mohammad Nasr Esfahani, director of Isfahan Royan Research Center has announced that the female calf weighs 43 kg, has been born in the natural manner and has been named Bovana.

He added that the experiment will help specialists boost genetic capacity of the Iranian cattle to produce milk, saying, “Using this technology, we can transfer high potential in ova of well-bred cows to laboratory and after fertilization with high-quality sperms, high-quality embryos can be mass produced which will be less expensive than foreign counterparts that are currently imported in frozen form.”

The official stated that since Iran needs the technology, researchers at Isfahan Royan Research Center which is affiliated to Cellular Sciences Research Institute have decided to transfer that technology into the country in cooperation with Foka livestock breeding complex and livestock breeding department of Islamic Azad University, Khorasegan branch.

Nasr Esfahani stated that the new technique is used to produce genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and fetus transfer method should be planned in such a way as to increase the possibility of the birth of healthy GMOs.

He also explained that Bovana has been derived from the English word, Bovine, and has been modified to rhyme with the name of the first recombinant sheep which was born in Iran, Royana.

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