Black Box of Free Syrian Army Is Back in Damascus

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The secret service of the Syrian government has managed to once more checkmate the Turkey’s officials in a successful operation during which a fugitive captain of the Syrian army, who had defected to the Free Syrian Army, has been captured. Once in Turkey, the defective captain was in charge of the intelligence operations of the Free Syrian Army in that country. Now he is back in Syria along with a treasure of information.

This development took place a few days ago and many websites in Turkey have reported the disappearance of the fugitive Captain Riad al-Ahmad. The Syrian media also published reports about successful operations by the country’s secret services which led to the capture of the fugitive army officer.

Riad al-Ahmad is considered the treasure trove of the secrets of the Free Syrian Army. He was the first Syrian army officer to desert the army and escape to Turkey. He was originally serving in the Syrian city of Banias. After being identified by the secret service as an organizer of the armed protests and finding out about his arrest writ, he fled to Iskenderun in Turkey and was welcomed by officials of the Turkish secret service.

The defection of Riad al-Ahmad took place even sooner than Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Harmoush, who also defected to Turkey. Once in Turkey, Harmoush helped with the establishment of the Free Syrian Army. He was then captured by the Syrian secret service in cooperation with some secret service officers of Turkey. After his televised confessions were aired in which he revealed for the first time that the Turkish army has set up bases to train the Syrian opposition, his fate has remained undetermined. Of course, some sources claim that he has been executed by the President Bashar Al-Assad’s government.

Riad al-Ahmad, however, has seen a different fate. Since he was among the first officers to desert the Syrian army, he was granted Turkish citizenship and has been free to roam different cities of Turkey in order to take necessary measures to pave the way for the defection of other Syrian officers and military personnel.

After Riad al-Asad fled to Syria and started the Free Syrian Army, al-Ahmad was appointed in charge of the intelligence branch of the Free Syrian Army. Due to his long beard, he gradually got close to Sheikh Adnan Al-Aroor, the mufti of the Syrian militants and got his hands on huge funds which were channeled to the Sheikh by Saudi Arabia.

Captain Riad al-Ahmad was present in all intelligence and operational sessions held by the militants of the Free Syrian Army and also most joint sessions which were attended by Turkish, US, French, Israeli, and Qatari intelligence officers. As a result, he was well versed about the tiniest details of the Free Syrian Army’s field operations.

To hunt down this precious prey, the Syrian secret service activated its branch in Turkey. Since 2004 and after expansion of relations between Ankara and Damascus, the aforesaid branch was on the Syrian secret service payroll, though its operations were quite limited. Its members were then missioned to track down and capture the fugitive captain and send him back to Syria.

Although Turkish media reported that he had disappeared after a car accident, Syrian news sources close to the country’s government have announced that he has been abducted by a member of the Air Force Intelligence who was an infiltrator. The Syrian agent was accompanying al-Ahmad as a close friend before abducting him in cooperation with certain Syrian secret service agents in Turkey as he was moving toward the border. He has been transferred into Syria and is now being interrogated by the Syrian secret service.
Some reports say after the disappearance of Captain Riad al-Ahmad, the Turkish government has taken strict security measures in all areas of its territory where commanders of the Free Syrian Army are present. Since that time, security has been also beefed up around the camp lodging Syrian refugees whose members are, in fact, family members of the Free Syrian Army militants and other insurgent groups.

They also say that just two days after the apprehension of the fugitive captain, the Syrian army has dealt severe blows to the Free Syrian Army and militants fighting for al-Nusra Front. The operations which started last Wednesday have left hundreds of members of the Free Syrian Army dead. Perhaps the most important blow by the Syrian army was dealt to command room of the militants in the city of Idlib in which the commander of Liwa al-Sham Brigade was killed along with 12 other commanders of the Free Syrian Army.

They say the Syrian army has found the cellphone number of the slain commander in the phone book of Riad al-Ahmad’s cellphone. They have been then able to find his location and target him. In the same region, a repeated attack on the militants who had taken up position inside Wadi al-Zeif garrison near the city of Ma'arrat al-Numan, caused them to withdraw from their position leaving behind considerable casualties.

On the basis of the information disclosed by al-Ahmad, operation called al-Qisas al-Adil, which was to be launched by the terrorist al-Nusra Front in order to penetrate the capital Damascus, was nipped in the bud. The Syrian army pounded their positions in Zemlika and a nearby area as a result of which hundreds of militants were killed and those areas fell into the hands of the Syrian army.

The armed Syrian militants have confessed to heavy blows which have been dealt on them by the Syrian army in the area of al-Safira near the city of Aleppo, images of which have been also posted on the Web through the YouTube and the Facebook. The Web site Al-Haqiqa which is close to the Syrian militants has put the number of armed militants killed by the Syrian army operation in al-Safira at 250-300 and has quoted a similar figure for the injured.

In one of the videos published by the militants on the YouTube, a person who is filming the dead bodies of the militants killed in al-Safira admits that “the number of the martyrs amounts to hundreds.” He emphasizes that the Syrian army has attacked al-Safira with full force, including tens of tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles.

Al-Ahmad also gave away the details of the logistical lines of the Free Syrian Army from Turkey into the Aleppo and adjacent areas. As a direct consequence of the revelation, five trucks loaded with arms and ammunitions which had been dispatched by Turkey for militants in Aleppo were targeted.

It is almost beyond doubt that the Syrian Air Force Intelligence has been able to kill more than 2,500 members of the Free Syrian Army and terrorists affiliated to al-Nusra Front in different parts of the country only on the basis of the information it has extracted from its precious prey. One must wait and see how many more blows the armed militants will suffer at the hands of the Syrian army when more information is decoded from the “black box” of the Syrian militants.

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Source: Tabnak News Website
Translated By: Iran Review.Org