Bewaring of Israelis Ploy Indispensable

Friday, January 30, 2015

Abdolreza Ghofrani
Former Senior Diplomat and International Analyst

Just a few months back, this author, in a contribution, quoted a satirist as saying  that the decisions are made (or the letters are drafted) in Tel Aviv and are signed in Washington. There were a number of critical reactions to the points made in that article. Some blamed the author of not being impartial and fair. A few called that points disrespecting the people of a great nation and denying the sovereignty of a great independent government.

I need to say that I have always respected the independence of all nations of the world, including the people of the United States, and it sounds I have been misunderstood. Moreover I have time and again been a staunch supporter of the sovereignty of all nations, either being small or great, advanced or developing. I did hope, that satirist have had just a misperception and just wanted to strike a joke.

Over the past few days, however, we did come across some developments that indicate, or if you like, prove that satirist had not been thoroughly mistaken. The whole world is now quite aware that nuclear talks, notwithstanding the hurdles and complications, are heading to the points that can lead to a mutually agreed document and of course with the painstaking efforts of all negotiating teams. Everybody, except a few, is eager that this job be finished on a fair and satisfactory contingence serving and upholding the international peace. Israel, and a few other countries, from the beginning have just rejected the progress of negotiations and have not spared any efforts to dent the whole episode.

Israel intends to undermine this project because her interests are merely served by making turmoil, crises and wars in the region and certainly in the whole world. This has been crystal clear for everybody. It is a misfortune that she does it at the expenses of other countries costs. The people of United States have been the foremost victim of this vicious policy who has paid so far the big bills. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the past year had accelerated his desperate actions to make the wrong water and catching fish. Unfortunately over the past week we have witnessed that a group of US senators and representatives, in an unprecedented nudge, has invited Israel prime minister to Washington in order to deliver a speech before the joint session of the congress. Undoubtedly he will recite the narrations of so called threat of terrorism and danger of a nuclear Iran .This event has occurred, when the White House Spokesman has bluntly said President Obama would not receive Netanyahu and no meeting had been planned for the two leaders.

Let us ponder the consequences of this development:

- As usual Israel is doing this just to force US politicians ( and in this case Congress people ) making decisions that Tel Aviv will win albeit at the cost of the interests of American people and of course with taxes they pay.

- Those who have invited Israel prime minister to Washington when the US President as the  executive chief does not want to see him is just dwindling the integrity of the administration of a sovereign government and eventually the independence of a nation. These people have to respond to their constituents in the future should any bad consequences arise.   

- It goes without saying that those senators and congressmen who will host this unwanted company need to know that they are investing on a person who has not even the support of his own people for his party and coalition partners in upcoming elections in Israel, and his future political life is in the limbo and thus should take him as lame duck prime minister. Unfortunately we cannot but say Netanyahu is going for an election campaign in the United States, desperately to garner supports for forthcoming elections. That is why the White House has denied any plan for US President meeting with Netanyahu.

- Talking about the so called nuclear threat of Iran and danger of any agreement between Iran and 5+1 is an old damned baseless allegation that only a few naïve persons such as those few US senators and representative may believe. Reportedly one of the Israelis intelligence high ranking officials through the past few days has said that Iran does not have any nuclear weapons.

- It seems the time has come that the people of US and the whole world beware that Israel does just externalize its problems using ploys to cheat everyone. This ill intended policy though may be well known for everyone but can cause dangerous consequences for the peace and stability of the region and eventually the world.

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